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February 17, 2023
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They killed him when he left his house, thinking he was carrying money, but it was his breakfast

They killed him when he left his house, thinking he was carrying money, but it was his breakfast

February 17, 2023, 4:00 AM

February 17, 2023, 4:00 AM

When it was around 8:00 this Thursday, the free trader Diego Davalos Suazo53 years old, was leaving his house, located on the fifth ring road and Vallegrande avenue, when he was intercepted by a gunman, who shot him in the face and took a bag that the victim was carrying and that the robber mistook for a bag with money.

Reports from the family and neighbors indicate that the money changer I had no money in my bag on this day What he really carried was the bag with his breakfast, to eat it at his work, which he carried out in the La Ramada market.

After the impact on the cheekbone of the face, the gunman ran and got on a motorcycle that was waiting for him very close, driven by his accomplice. death was instant.
Agents of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), went to the place to carry out the investigations and transfer the body of Diego Dávalos to the judicial morgue of Pampa de la Isla.

The account that the Prosecutor’s Office received from sources of relatives of the money changer and neighbors is that he did not carry money because He used to leave it for another place where he carried out his daily work.

“He was carrying a bag with his breakfastIt wasn’t silver. The bag was carried under his arm and the criminals thought it was full of money and it is not so,” said an agent in charge of the investigations.

I came to this neighborhood about seven years ago and I know the money changer. I found out what he was doing and what happened is very painful, ”said another occasional witness.

Mother and her girl, shocked

A girl and her mother saw everything. She was a neighbor of the victim who was walking out to take her seven-year-old daughter to school when the incident occurred.

“I took my daughter to school, which is about five blocks away. I inadvertently saw the money changer, whom I know as a neighbor, walking out of his house. He was run up by a man on foot, intercepted and shot.

Then he ran away and he got on a motorcycle where another man was waiting for him. My daughter began to scream desperately, she cried uncontrollably and I took her to school. She calmed down a bit, I left her in class, but minutes later I came back because the teachers called me because my girl wouldn’t stop crying. She was affected. This is the worst painting we have ever seen and it left us very bad, especially my girl,” said the mother.

He leaves two daughters and his wife.

Diego Davalos Suazo, he leaves his wife and two daughters orphaned. One is a minor with different abilities and the other is 23 years old.

The wife assured the police officers that she was possibly carrying money around her waist. Due to this situation, the police even checked among her clothing, especially her pants and part of her waist, but they found nothing of her.

Research and hypotheses

Experts from the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) began the investigation.

After the lifeless body of the money changer was subjected to a legal autopsy and death was determined by bullet impact in the face, Several hypotheses are handled.

Among the strongest possibilities they believe that Diego Dávalos Suazo he was very reserved even with his families and wife regarding the money with which he worked on a daily basis.

However, according to reports, the money changer preferred not to go home with amounts of money Instead, for his safety, he left it at his offices in the La Ramada market area.

“We know that the man had a bag under his arm when he was leaving his house, but it was breakfast that he was taking to work,” an agent said.

Within the investigations, the Felcc handles very confidential information in the sense that the criminals have been following the money changer for days. “We have received information that the gunman, when he got on the motorcycle to escape, told his accomplice, “I accidentally broke it and I think we broke it up.”

That means the gunmen did not manage to steal anythingthey took a bag with a breakfast.

This is the second free trader killed by criminals this month.

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