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“They killed a Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor in Colombia”: the news of the country that travels the world

Colombia front-page news and not because of its benefits, but because of a hit man, a transnational crime, the victim: a Paraguayan prosecutor.

In several countries and many of the most influential media in the world, they have put Colombia on the front page and unfortunately not because of the benefits of the country, but because of a hitman that ended in a transnational crime, the victim is a Paraguayan prosecutor.

Colombia News.

The Paraguayan prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, who chose Cartagena, Colombia, to spend his honeymoon, would have been followed from Paraguay and this would reinforce the hypothesis that he could be a crime planned in that country on account of the investigations he was carrying out on drug trafficking and corruption, what they must now determine is: Are the assassins Colombian?

With Migration Colombia and Paraguay, information is being crossed to determine the movement of Paraguayan citizens in the last week.

Meanwhile, the process is also being carried out

The case:

The murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo David Pecci Albertini, 45 years old, has been a severe blow in the fight against organized crime not only for his country, he worked with the United States, Colombia and other countries.

This crime has shocked Paraguay, has put Colombia in a difficult situation and has had an international impact.

This is how it was reviewed by different media in the world: “They killed in Colombia”

His wife, Claudia Aguilera, had announced that Tuesday morning that they were expecting their first child. They had married on April 30.

She told the media that she was not aware of threats because of that, they were alone, “calm”, without escort schemes.

He said that two subjects arrived in Jet Sky to Barú beach, near a hotel complex where they were staying, and without saying a word, “he shot him twice, in the head and back.” Nothing could be done, Pecci died on the beach.

The assassins would have already been following the Paraguayan prosecutor, they would have passed themselves off as tourists, rented a jet ski and committed the murder.

Until now there are two captured, they are of Paraguayan nationality, presumed suspects.

In Colombia, a reward is offered to find the murderer.

The victim was a specialized prosecutor against Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, who had managed to investigate sensitive cases in his country.

Pecci did not report nor have Colombian authorities or the embassy of his country, who would travel to Colombia for a walk.

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