Mantienen en prisión preventiva a tres que hirieron a un hombre durante atraco en Salcedo

They keep in preventive detention three who injured a man during a robbery in Salcedo

The Court of Instruction of the Mirabal Sisters Judicial District decided to maintain the measure of coercion of preventive detention imposed on three young people who, at gunpoint, injured a citizen in the mountainous area of Salcedoin the middle of a robbery perpetrated in January of this year.

The judge Yudelka de León ordered that Ismael Emilio Trinidad Bencosme, César Amado Coronado and Jennifer Ureña Salla, the three residents of the municipality Mochacontinue to be held in the Juana Núñez public prison in the city of Salcedo, for the act of violence against José Martín García Mosquea.

According to the prosecution of this demarcation, the robbery took place in the town of Jamao Afuera, in the Salcedo mountain area, when the three youths showed up at a grocery store aboard a car, shouting that it was a robbery and shooting at García Mosquea.

In the coercive measure instance presented by the Public ministryit is established that the victim received a gunshot wound to the right leg, for which he had to be admitted to a health center in the city of Moca.

The Public Ministry indicates that the three robbers were arrested by members of the Police in Lagunas de Mocha.

In the vehicle used to commit the act, the authorities seized the firearm used in the criminal action, as well as five cell phones of different brands.

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The defendants used a 9-millimeter Luger brand semi-automatic pistol, which contained a charger with 20 capsules.

The Public Ministry, represented at the hearing by prosecutor José Orlando Liriano, has provisionally described the facts as a violation of articles 2, 265, 266, 379, 382 and 383 of the Dominican Penal Code and articles 66 and 67 of Law 631- 16, for the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materials.

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