They invite you to get on La Chaplineta in the best mood of Santa Cruz

They invite you to get on La Chaplineta in the best mood of Santa Cruz

It will be 70 continuous minutes of guaranteed laughter, with new characters and the debut of the ‘new acquisition’. La Chaplineta brings a whole combo of the best humor that Chaplin Show will present starting tonight.

The cast for this new season It is made up of Ernesto Ferrante, Hugo Daza, Grisel Quiroga, Bruno Ferrante, Ian Vega, Carlos Landívar, Cristhian Valverde, José Antonio Flores, Clinton Vélez and the official debut of the new member, Claudia Peña ‘La Piña’. Moreover, from Chaplin they also revealed that there are new characters and others that will appear at the request of the public, such as Joven, Kitito and Pacho, La Gri, Auristela and Genoveva.

I am very happy, it is a new challengePersonally, being in Chaplin today is a dream come true. This new season has an amazing cast, the boys are great friends of mine. We have prepared ourselves fully and I assure you that it will be something that you are going to enjoy a lot”, Claudia Peña highlighted.

As for the show itself, Leonardo Ferrante, general manager, explained that there are seven paintings (sketches), with themes such as an evening with the father-in-law and the age of influencers, in addition to the musical participation of a group of bullfighters who will perform a “musical decomposition”. “There will also be sketches dedicated to the sitcom, which generate a lot of laughter and fun among the attendees,” he stressed.

It is important to point out that the production of this new show begins “when we finished mounting the previous one. Day by day we work on scripts, ideas and character creationalthough in recent weeks the rehearsals, the production of costumes, music, scenery (which we are going to release after four years) have intensified,” Ferrante said.

the chapline, It comes from the football field that means “to be in the boat of”. Fans use this term to highlight the good direction of the team. “In this way we want to invite the public to be in the boat of good humor,” said the general director, while pointing out that the ultimate goal of all his presentations is to fill the public with positive energy.

For Hugo Daza, this new show after the pandemic is very significant. In a situation as critical as the one generated by Covid-19, Chaplin had to paralyze his activities just as many others did, but almost 37 years of experience have made them renew themselves and come back stronger.

For his part, Ernesto Ferrante, an actor, maintained that the secret to success lies in the human group. “We respect and highly value all of us who work in this team. The connection we have between the cast is something very important. Without forgetting that our most important function is to bring joy to the public, because Chaplin is part of the Santa Cruz idiosyncrasy, of the cultural and artistic journey of the city”.

Without a doubt, the recognition of this institution of humor in the capital of Santa Cruz does so “a benchmark of concert theater and this new show will prove it once again”, said Grisel Quiroga, who confessed to having a surprise prepared for the public that comes to La Chaplineta starting tonight.

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