They investigate millionaire payments to Jonathan Morel, referent of the Federal Revolution

They investigate millionaire payments to Jonathan Morel, referent of the Federal Revolution

The information was confirmed by Morel himself.

The federal justice investigates a series of millionaire payments to Jonathan Morellreferring to the space known as federal revolutionby two trusts linked to the firm “Caputo Brothers”sources of the investigation reported this Thursday.

The information was revealed this Thursday by the news channel C5N and confirmed by Morel himself in response to a query made by the news portal El Destape.

“Morel acknowledged in dialogue with El Destape that he, his partner and his ex-partner received millionaire payments from two trusts belonging to the firm Caputo Hermanos“, reported that site in an article published this afternoon.

“Morel did not want to specify the amounts, but he did reveal a hitherto unknown detail: the person who hired him was Rossana Pia Caputoone of the partners of ‘Caputo Hermanos'”, added the note published by the news portal.

The payments received by Morel and his alleged partners would have been made between December 2021 and August 2022 and are under the watchful eye of justice within the framework of a file that is under summary secrecy and is filed in the federal court of Marcelo Martinez de Giorgiwho delegated the investigation to the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

At the time, Judge Martínez de Giorgi and Prosecutor Pollicita understood that the activity of the Federal Revolution, with hateful and threatening slogans against leaders of the ruling party and the oppositionshould be processed together with the case in which the failed attack on Thursday, September 1, against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

However, the judge who has that case, Maria Eugenia Capuchettirejected the competition and then the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires decided that the file in which the Federal Revolution is being investigated should continue to be processed in the Martínez de Giorgi court.

The moment when they tried to kill Cristina Kirchner
The moment when they tried to kill Cristina Kirchner.

This file also contains the information provided by the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustin Rossiabout demonstrations carried out on Twitter by two members of the Federal Revolution group that included death threats against the Vice President, his son Máximo Kirchner and the head of state Alberto Fernández as well as incitement to commit crimes.

At the time, Rossi presented the evidence collected by the AFI within the framework of intelligence law 25,520 and its amendments, which empower the agency to appear before the courts to ensure national security and democratic order, in the conviction that there was who tried to put them at risk.

The complaint filed by the intelligence agency, to which Télam agreed, contains the audios exchanged during a live broadcast made on August 26, 2022 by the Federal Revolution group through the Twitter Space platform that was convened under the title ” do you have to rot it?” and in which two members of that organization participated, Jonathan Ezequiel Morel, 23, and Franco Ezequiel Castelli, 26.

In one of the derecorded audios that are part of the complaint and that the AFI presented to the justice, the possibility that someone infiltrates the Vice President’s supporters to make her “go down in history” is mentioned, in reference to the intention of commit an assassination

“Today, for example, I saw how Cristina greeted La Cámpora and the militancy and said, it’s a shame that they already know my face because if you don’t know how I infiltrate there for a week and I hope it goes down…”, one of the members of Federal Revolution.

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