They introduced a bill to exclude Milman from the House for "moral incapacity"

They introduced a bill to exclude Milman from the House for "moral incapacity"

Gerardo Milman, PRO legislator.

National deputies of the Frente de Todos (FdT) asked that PRO legislator Gerardo Milman be excluded from the lower house for “moral incapacity”, because they consider him involved in the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Kirchner and in the crime of bribes when he was an official of the Ministry of Security of the Government of Together for Change.

Through a draft resolution, hedeputies Carolina Moisés, Hilda Clelia Aguirre, Mara Brawer, Mónica Macha and Carolina Yutrovic they maintained that the facts that are being investigated against Milman in Justice “undoubtedly tinge with immorality who should represent the interests of the Argentine Nation”, for which reason they affirmed that “his presence in this body degrades and devalues ​​him”.

Last Tuesday, in an act in the Avellaneda party, Vice President Fernández de Kirchner had assured that “there is a patent of impunity for anyone who is not a Peronist” and targeted Milman, who was involved in the investigation into the assassination attempt and continues to hold office in the Lower House.

“What happens when we find out through the media that the man, being a member of the Security Commission, had ties and contracts with security companies?” the vice president wondered about Milman, adding that “there is a letter of marque and impunity for everyone who is not a Peronist, and for everyone who is, things are invented”.

In the project presented by the legislators of the FdT it is requested to “exclude” Milman from the body, according to “the provisions of article 66 of the National Constitution”.

That article establishes that the Chamber “has the power to correct any of its members for disorderly conduct in the exercise of their duties, remove them due to physical or moral incapacity resulting from their incorporation, and even exclude them from its membership.”

In the foundations, the legislators indicated that “Milman’s involvement in the assassination attempt against the vice president is far from being clarified” and that “on the contrary, it is heading towards impunity if there is no awareness on the part of judicial officials, politicians and all of society of the seriousness that we are witnessing”.

The legislators stated that “On August 30, 2022, Milman was heard by a witness in the ‘Casablanca’ bar, in the vicinity of the National Congress, telling two of his advisers that ‘when they kill her, I’ll be on my way to the coast'”.

And they added: “The investigations that emerged in the file in charge of federal judge María Eugenia Capucchetti indicate that Milman was indeed that day with his advisers Carolina Gómez Mónaco and Ivana Bohdziewicz, in the bar in question, at the indicated time; and that during the attack he was in the seaside resort of Pinamar, carrying out party activities”.

They also cited a letter presented by the lawyers José Manuel Ubeira and Marcos Aldazabal “requesting the recusal of Judge Capuchetti” and in which “attention was drawn to Hernán Carrol, who was a former candidate for councilor in La Matanza. He himself was in contact with the perpetrators of the assassination attempt against the vice president, Brenda Uliarte and Fernando Sabag Montiel, before and after the attack, and was also named by Montiel as the person who should take charge of her defense”.

“According to the letter, Carrol would have made several trips abroad with Ángel Villares, the Chief of Staff of the Criminal Intelligence Directorate in charge of Milman at the Ministry of Security,” they indicated. the legislators of the FdT.

The deputies also argued the request for moral incapacity in a series of advisory services from Milman on security issues, and among them they mentioned that on September 1, 2022, he invoiced the Institute for Strategic Security Studies for “organizational coordination services,” entity chaired by Patricia Bullrich and himself a member”.

They also refer to the “use of a vehicle owned by a State contractor” and consider that this situation “comes into a conflict of interest with his role as a member of the Security Commission of this Honorable Chamber, as is clear from art. 15 of Law No. 25,188 on Public Ethics referring to the duty to refrain from intervening in matters particularly related to their personal interest.”

The deputies highlight “the suspicious rental contracts of deputy Milman, as they are inexplicable in relation to his income as a national deputy”, and among them they mention a weekend house in Exaltación de la Cruz in an exclusive club for which he would have paid USD 37,000 for nine months and expenses for $120,000 and a house in Pinamar for USD 12,000 per month.

In this context The federal justice also ordered that he be investigated, to determine if he received “gifts”.

Meanwhile, the bloc of PRO deputies rejected the accusations against Milman and accused the ruling party of carrying out “a sentence outside of justice” and “setting up an electoral show.”

“Kirchnerism is putting on an electoral show and dictates, in advance, a sentence outside of Justice against Milman and the provincial deputy Florencia Retamoso, in order to equate the corruption system that is being investigated in the Courts and that the judges, in their respective instances, they have convicted numerous officials of the ruling party,” warned the PRO bench in a statement.

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