Instalan asientos elaborados con material reciclado en parque Francisco de Miranda

They install seats made with recycled material in Francisco de Miranda park

As a result of the collection of material in the various parks and subsequent processing, the Ministry of People’s Power for Ecosocialism (Minec) began the installation of 100 benches in the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Recreational Park, east of Greater Caracas, made with recycled plastic material.

The action is the result of the “My park recycles” program, launched by Minec, which contemplates the collection of waste, through containers for the classification of plastic, glass and paper, duly identified by colors, placed at the entrances and sites strategies of the parks, indicates a press release.

In this sense, the benches that are placed are the product of a high-density plastic, excellent quality, resistant, durable and with a good finish, in a demonstration to the population of the benefits and new objects that can be obtained based on the use of garbage to, in this way, change from a linear economy to a circular one.


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