Inspeccionan obras de envergadura en rescate del sur del Lago

They inspect major works in rescue of the South of the Lake

This Friday, the national authorities in a multi-institutional unit, carried out an inspection of large-scale works that the Bolivarian Government has undertaken for the recovery of the South of Lake Maracaibo, as part of the work against the damage caused by climate change in the extensive area south western Venezuela.

The head of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace (MPPRIJP), A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichasoinformed that the advance is made through construction systems to protect the flooding of the rivers, by instructions of the president Nicholas Maduro Moorsto guarantee the well-being and tranquility of the Zulia people.

“Recognition was carried out in the area of ​​La Pelota, Colón municipality, in which work is being done to restore the retaining wall on the Chama and Guasimal rivers, where the retaining wall on the Catatumbo river collapsed, and we are designing the intervention strategy,” he explained in his social media account, @CeballosIchaso1 .

Likewise, he reported that the Zulia River, km43, is being redirected with large-scale engineering.

Likewise, the Zulia River is being intervened, at the height of the town of Valderrama, where an assembly was held with peasants, producers and inhabitants of the area to meet their requirements and needs.

In these inspections to the South of the Lake, in the state of Zulia, the Bolivarian Government intervenes through the participation of the offices of Internal Relations, Public Works and Transportation, together with the People’s Power, producers and peasants.



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