They identify traits of a woman who was beheaded

They identify traits of a woman who was beheaded

Page Seven / La Paz

After disseminating the three-dimensional (3D) image of the possible identity of the woman who was found decapitated in the Jupapina area, the Police indicated that it is presumed that it would be a woman who disappeared on March 20.

“We are crossing the lines of the disappeared and we already have a 90% (match in traits) with a woman who was declared missing,” Police Commander Jhonny Aguilera reported.

The police authority stressed that this conclusion was reached after the 3D elaboration of the face of the woman who was found.

Page Seven reported that on Wednesday the head of a woman between 30 and 40 years old was found near the Achocalla River, in the Jupapina area of ​​La Paz. Local residents called the police about the discovery.

Since then, several actions have been carried out to find the rest of the body, but to date the police officers have found nothing.

The director of the Special Force to Fight Violence in the South, Patricia Alave, indicated that they took dogs and drones, but there were no results.

Aguilera indicated that it is certain that it is a case of femicide. “Beheading and cutting hair is a feeling of power, of dominance of men over women,” explained the police authority.

The prosecutor in the case, Cristina Copa, indicated that they will continue to search for the body. It is presumed that the remains of the victim’s body were left in various places.

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