They homologated the sentence to Pepo for the sinister road where two people died

They homologated the sentence to Pepo for the sinister road where two people died

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The conviction of the singer Ruben Dario Castiñeiras, better known as “Pepo”, agreed last month in an abbreviated trial for the death of two people in a road accident that occurred in June 2019, was approved by the Justice of Dolores.

In this way, the singer, who was already serving house arrest with temporary releases to work, must serve four years and seven months for the crime of “sextuplely aggravated manslaughter.”

The agreement reached in an abbreviated trial was approved by the Dolores Correctional Court 3, which in its ruling stated that Castiñeiras drove in a “reckless, negligent and illegal manner, under the influence of narcotics and with a blood alcohol level of 1.02 in blood”, which caused the accident.

In addition, he will have a special disqualification to drive vehicles for a term of ten years and payment of the procedural costs, plus the declaration of recidivism.

Castiñeiras must also carry out “psychological/psychiatric treatment” that addresses “the particular health circumstances certified in the process”

The plaintiff lawyer Marcelo Biondi told Télam that “as long as the sentence is not final, he will continue at home, but since he is a repeat offender, he should not have any benefit of release.”

The lawyer stated that he was satisfied “because Pepo accepted and recognized the facts and the classification of the fact as an aggravating factor”

The road accident occurred at dawn on Saturday, July 20, 2019, on Provincial Route 63, at the height of the Buenos Aires district of Dolores, when the singer lost control of the vehicle while traveling on a tour in the resort town of Villa Gesell, by the passage of an animal, and overturned in a ditch.

As a consequence, Pepo and Romina Candia, the band’s backup singer, only suffered injuries, while manager Ignacio Abosaleh and trumpeter Nicolás Carabajal died

In the trial it was proven that both were asleep and without seatbelts, in the back of the white Honda CRV truck and that they died instantly.

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