They hold Corpac responsible for delays and possible flight cancellations

They hold Corpac responsible for delays and possible flight cancellations

Unions related to air transport, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Association of International Air Transport Companies in Peru (AETAI), and the Peruvian Association of Air Companies (APEA), warned that since last week , the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation () is issuing continuous official technical regulations that generate flight delays and can lead to possible cancellations in this high season.

Through a statement, they indicated that Corpac’s actions increase the separation times between flights, particularly to the south and east of the country. Approximately 240 domestic and international flights have been affected and more than 34,000 passengers affected.

This is added, they specified to the various unions, to the restrictions that Corpac has been imposing since the beginning of this year, which has also generated delays and affected passengers.

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In this sense, the unions demanded that Corpac and the Ministry of Transport and Communications take the urgent and necessary measures to ensure the correct development of the service, in order to prevent more people and tourism from continuing to be affected.

“Corpac has the obligation to ensure the correct maintenance and immediate repair of any damage to the equipment used for air traffic control, as well as to ensure the optimal development of air operations at the national level in any situation that affects them. The foregoing also constitutes an international commitment of the Peruvian State as a signatory to the International Civil Aviation Agreement of the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO and headquarters of its regional office”, they highlighted.


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