They hold a weekly meeting of the Monitoring Cabinet

For this week, significant progress has been made in educational centers, health centers, penitentiaries, stadiums, and highways at the national level, as indicated in the weekly meeting of the Execution and Commitment Monitoring Cabinet, headed by the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo Jaén, by designation of the president Laurentino Cortizo Cohen.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre explained that this week the warehouse for supplies and medicines will be inaugurated, as well as the completion of the Agua de Veraguas laboratory.

Regarding the El Copé and Kuna Nega Health Centers, Sucre reported that they are working on their equipment and electrification. He also referred to the Anita Moreno Hospital in Los Santos, where modern equipment is available to the population in order to reinforce diagnostic studies.

Regarding the technical table with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Sucre announced that issues such as the Oncological Hospital and the Metetí and Bugaba hospitals are being discussed in order to move forward.

The Minister of Health referred to the progress in the work being carried out at the Aquilino Tejeira Hospital in Penonomé.

While the Ministry of Education, through its head Maruja Gorday de Villalobos and the Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Ricardo Sánchez, reported on some works for upcoming delivery.

They announced that the project at the Pedro Pablo Sánchez school registers 99% progress and the center in Nuevo Emperador 100%, while the Los Lagos project registers 85% progress.

The Ministry of Public Works highlighted the progress made on the Chumico-Cerro Tólica highway; San Francisco – Santa Fe, whose specifications are ready for bidding, as well as the Tigre Highway to Santa Catalina.

For his part, the Minister of Government, Roger Tejada, reported that next month the groundbreaking will be given to start the construction of the Women’s Center in Pacora.

He also mentioned the projects that are being carried out with the support of the World Bank and that contract renewals have already begun to provide food to prisoners.

The Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Rogelio Paredes, in his speech announced the progress in the housing projects of Paso Ancho, Altos de los Lagos and Nuevo Cartí.

Regarding the work at the Mariano Bula stadium in the province of Colón, the General Director of Pandeportes, Luis Denis Arce, explained to the Cabinet that progress continues according to the work schedule.

As for the Armando Dely Valdés, also in Colón, he notified that the public act has already been raised and that they expect to receive offers at the end of June.

On the other hand, Arce announced that the Rico Cedeño stadium in the city of Chitré should be ready next December, while the Toco Castillo stadium in Veraguas could be delivered in January 2024.

Juan Ducruet, director of the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), referred to the environmental situation and level of the lakes, as well as measures adopted.

According to Ducruet, throughout the country, IDAAN supervises compliance with these measures to guarantee the supply of drinking water in the communities.

The weekly meeting of the Execution and Commitment Monitoring Cabinet seeks to speed up works that are a priority for the benefit of the community.

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