They have recess of the trial against Añez and former military chiefs until Thursday

They have recess of the trial against Añez and former military chiefs until Thursday

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The First Court of Anticorruption Sentencing of La Paz determined that the oral trial against former president Jeanine Añez, the former heads of the High Command of the Armed Forces (FFAA) and a former commander of the Police for the “coup d’état II” case enter into recess until Thursday, April 7 at 8:30 in the morning.

“The First Anti-Corruption Sentencing Court provides the following: in accordance with the powers established in article 113 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, modified by Law 1173, since this hearing has been installed, the recess of the hearing will be ordered. same”, said the president of the Court, Germán Ramos.

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The determination was made after the defense of former Chief of Staff Flavio Arce and former Army Commander Pastor Mendieta noted that the necessary conditions for those accused in the San Pedro de La Paz prison did not exist.

Therefore, it also ordered that “the corresponding official letter addressed to the director of the San Pedro de La Paz Penitentiary Precinct be released so that he can prepare an environment and two teams for the co-defendants Flavio Arce San Martín and Jorge Pastor Mendieta Ferrufino.”

Likewise, authorization was provided for Arce’s lawyers, Roger Valverde, and Mendieta’s, Javier Peñaloza, to request that another lawyer help them to assist in the defense of the co-defendants.

Minutes before, both jurists, as well as the defense attorney for former president Jeanine Añez, Jorge Valda, stressed that they did not oppose the reinstatement of the trial in person, but instead raised the possibility of reinstating it in the penitentiary and not in prison environments. Judicial authority.

Añez’s defense pointed out that the place was not the most suitable and that the integrity of those who would be present was not guaranteed. Since the beginning of the trial, a large group of people has gathered outside the Miraflores prison in protest against the former president.

Along with Añez, Arce and Mendieta, the former commanders of the Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman and Sergio Orellana, are also accused; and former Police Commander Yuri Calderón, who were declared in absentia and the trial continues for them with court-appointed attorneys.

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