They hack Twitter account of the Military School and share illustrations with anime aesthetics

Unknown persons violated the Twitter account of the Military School on Monday and began to share illustrations with anime aesthetics. From the institution, they indicated that they had “the corresponding technical measures” to “avoid new acts of this nature.”

Specifically, the name of the account changed to “Azuki”, linked to the world of NFTs and whose startup is Chiru Labs, according to Forbes.

“Once unknown persons violated the official Twitter account @EscuelaMilitar, the Institute activated its security protocols, establishing the corresponding technical measures to prevent further acts of this nature, work that continues to be carried out,” the Military School said in a statement.

“It is important to specify that at this time the affected social network, which is used to disseminate information and activities related to the work of the parent institute, is publishing content that is not consistent with the Military School and the Chilean Army, reason for which the corresponding complaint was made,” they added.

Finally, they stated that “in consideration of the potentially criminal nature of the undue interference in the aforementioned social network, the Military School is carrying out a computerized expert report, in order to provide the corresponding authorities with the background information that will allow them to clarify and promptly terminate to this situation.”

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