They guarantee transfers of items for more than $28 million to Meduca

A total of 13 departure transfers were approved by the Budget Commission of the National Assembly (AN) to the Ministry of Education (Meduca). These transfers total 28.1 million balboas and according to Minister Maruja Gorday de Villalobos they will be used to comply with project collection efforts, rental contracts, construction of modular classrooms, collective insurance policy, payment for fuel supply, among other commitments that the institution has pending.

These are 13 changes in budget allocations, the most substantial of them for B/.6.7 million for collection efforts from the Los Lagos Training educational centers, for 1.5 million balboas, Anastacia Miter, for B/.1.9 million, both in Colon; the Cacique Olodebiniginya Institute, in the Guna Yala region, for 763 thousand 405 balboas.

This transfer includes the Escuela República de Italia, in San Miguelito, for an amount of 103,819 balboas; the Pedro Pablo Sánchez School, for 1,024,699 balboas; In addition, with a shopping center in Albrook and the City of Knowledge, funds for 1,238,565 were allocated to cancel the lease of premises for the 2022 period.

Part of these transfers include 6.1 million balboas to attend to the cancellation of collection efforts from the Los Lagos Integral Training Educational Center, township of Cristóbal, district and province of Colón, for B/.1,214,425 and 568 thousand 132 balboas; the Nuevo Emperador Educational Center, in Nuevo Emperador, district of Arraiján, for 394,872 balboas, among other works that present important advances in the construction of their structures.

The Meduca requires disbursing 5 million balboas to settle charges at the Río Auyama Educational Center, in Bajo Cedro, Chiriquí Grande, for 150 thousand 472 balboas; La Gloria School, in Changuinola, for B/.215 thousand 80; the General José Nadal Silva Basic Education Center, in La Pintada, Coclé, for 382 thousand 451 balboas. Benigno Tomás Argote High School, in Alto Boquete, Boquete district, for 228,586 balboas.

These cancellations include the schools: Cerro Balsa, Cerro Guásimo, Cerro Madera and Cerro Patena, in Besikó; Cerro Puerco, in Muná; Colorado, Chube, Nueva Molena and Quebrada Molejón; Quebrada Cianca, Kuerima and Cerro Corozo, in Hato Pilón; among others, all located in the Ngäbe Buglé region.

Other services that Meduca seeks to cancel are the internet, of 6 and 10 megabytes, which corresponds to the year 2021. Part of these transfers will even be used to reinforce items that will serve to attend to the repairs of schools throughout the country, in the program WITH Schools 2023.

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