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The Secretary of Defense of the Consumer and the User (SEDECO) informed that several establishments sell frozen meat as fresh. In this sense, it announces that it will penalize the providers that carry out this practice.

the SEDECO warned about the possible sale of meat products (poultry, beef, pork, etc.) frozen and fresh in different commercial establishments in the country.

“Through inspection, we detect the packaged products with traces of blood and water, and which have a decomposed appearance because the cold chain was not respected. We verified that they sell at a lower price those products that already are not suitable for consumption because they put health at risk”, explained the minister of SEDECO, Juan Manuel Estigarribia, in an interview with 1020 AM.

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In this sense, the minister said that they have a active summary to sanction this type of practice, noting that they carry out market surveillance by visiting the butcher shops of different supermarkets in the country.

SEDECO urges the suppliers to avoid any type of commercial practice that may put the health of consumers at risk, strictly complying with the current provisions on consumer protection and guaranteeing the adequate transport, conservation, storage and presentation of food for sale for consumption.

Likewise, it requests that they provide timely clear, truthful and accessible information regarding the products offered to final consumers, in order to safeguard their basic rights.

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