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They found a video on Sabag Montiel’s cell phone that shows him firing the gun

The detainee's cell phone, blocked and at risk of being lost

Sabag Montiel is arrested for the attack on the Vice President.

The Justice incorporated the file for the attack against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a video in which the defendant Fernando Sabag Montiel is seen manipulating a weapon with which he simulates a vacuum shot, which for the investigators shows that he knew how to use the pistol with which he perpetrated the attack, sources in the case reported this Sunday.

The images, in which it is observed for a few seconds that Sabag Montiel activates the slide and presses the trigger of the pistol, “They were obtained from the memory card of his cell phone by the specialists of the Airport Security Police (PSA)”, sources added.

The informants also explained that the federal judge instructing the case, María Eugenia Capuchetti, “is working on the prosecution” of the accused and his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, for the attempted assassination of the Vice President.

In that framework, is working “permanently online with the PSA and the Prosecutor’s Office in charge of Carlos Rívolo”, they said.

They added that last Friday “he was at the PSA training center observing how the skills were being worked on” entrusted to that security personnel to advance in the clarification of the fact, for which Sabag Montiel and Uliarte are detained.

A video proves that the accused handled weapons.

It also transpired in the last few hours that a militant who was near the scene of the events the night of the attack saw that, seconds after the failed attack, the defendant tried to move the slide of the Bersa pistol, with the presumed intention of trying to restart it.

This information would allow the prosecution to prevent the defense from claiming that the crime of attempted murder goes unpunished due to the alleged impossibility of committing the crime.

The novelty of this video is added to that of the white bag and the umbrella that Sabag Montiel was carrying while he was going to the Vice President’s house, which were found in San Miguel, in a raid that was recorded on video and whose images were known Saturday.

The procedure had been carried out last Thursday at the house of a man named Lucas Ocampo, who introduced himself as Uliarte’s ex-boyfriend and said that the objects had been left in his home by the woman after spending Thursday, September 1, the day in which Sabag Montiel attacked the former president.

The investigators do not rule out that the weapon was carried in that bag, for which it is subjected to expertise. And it is considered confirmed that Sabag Montiel and Uliarte moved that Thursday afternoon from Quilmes to the corner of Juncal and Uruguay, where Fernández de Kirchner lives, with a white bag and a long-handled umbrella.

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