They fine a driver who invaded the lane and could cause a tragedy on the Bolívar road

They fine a driver who invaded the lane and could cause a tragedy on the Bolívar road

Car that overtook in double line.

The owner of the vehicle was located and punished.

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The Traffic authorities of the department of Montería, located the driver of a vehicle that overtook in a prohibited place, putting at risk the life of a family that was traveling in another car with the correct address and location.

The driver advanced in a dotted line trying to avoid two trucks that were on the road that leads to the municipality of San Juan de Nepomuceno, Bolívar, committing an imprudence that could have fatal consequences.

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Thanks to a security camera in the area, it was possible to obtain the license plate of the truck, which, after a subsequent verification by the authorities in the Transit and Mobility systems, revealed the name of the owner of the vehicle.

Truck that passed in a prohibited place.

After intense work and due to the complaint filed on social networks, which helped this fact go viral, this person was located by the Traffic Police in the city of Montería.

The competent authorities arrived to his place of residence to make a summons for this illegal maneuver.

The accused accepted his guilt in this act and accepted the fine.

The economic sanction is one current legal monthly minimum wage (SMMLV).

Below are the words of the head of the Traffic and Transportation Section of the Montería Metropolitan Police, Major Elkin Morantes Ortiz:

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