They find the body of the missing teenager in Coronel: Prosecutor’s Office confirms identity through fingerprints

They find the body of the missing teenager in Coronel: Prosecutor's Office confirms identity through fingerprints

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed on Monday afternoon that the body found in Coronel corresponds to Nicolás Paillán Martínez, a 16-year-old who disappeared this weekend in the Bío Bío commune. Given this, the Investigative Police (PDI) does not rule out that it is a robbery with homicide.

Until a certain moment it was believed that it was the body of the young man, because his clothing coincided with the description given by the family after reporting his disappearance, which reported through social networks, that the adolescent was wearing black jeans, gray vest, shirt white and black sneakers.

In this sense, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed by taking fingerprints that the deceased corresponds to Nicolás Paillán Martínez. His body was found buried about 50 meters from La Carreta pub, where he was last seen. Specifically, it was in Los Alacalufes with Los Araucanos, the main road to the Maule sector.

According to information provided by BioBioChilethe PDI assured that they found the victim’s cell phone that was sold in Coronel and that it is for this reason that the typification of the crime is not ruled out as a robbery with homicide.

For his death there are still no detainees, while the owners of the abandoned property, where the victim was found, are as witnesses, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“I want justice to be done, for people to be found, and it is not just one person, this was not done by just one person, because my brother was big, one person could not have taken him, it must have been a group ”, Accused the sister of Nicolás Paillán.

Relatives and acquaintances of the minor had started a campaign on social networks to search for information on his whereabouts, which began this Saturday morning after going to the La Carreta pub where he lost track.

The older sister of the minor, who was with him the night he was lost, confirmed the identity of the body after the tests.

According to the same media outlet, “a lot was searched around here (…) they had not given any information on this house, nothing had appeared until today,” said the woman regarding the abandoned house where her brother was found.

“We came so close to finding him and helping him, and not getting there,” he lamented. “The fact that they did this to him, out of malice or robbery, is not justified,” he added. Regarding the security cameras of the La Carreta pub, he pointed out that only two were operational.


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