They find the body of a man lying in the streets of Malvín Norte

In the early hours of this Sunday, the Police found the body of a man lying on the streets of the neighborhood Malvin North.

According to information released by Montevideo PortalPolice officers were on a routine patrol when they came across the body. Shortly after one in the morning, the officials passed through the intersection of Roberto Berro and Pasaje 170 when they saw the subject’s body. The man was barefoot, with his hands on his ribs and with an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen, below the navel.

A SEMM mobile emergency service unit was mobilized to the indicated site. Around 1:50 a.m., the medical personnel who arrived at the scene confirmed the death of the man.

The authorities were able to identify the deceased, in the case of a 39-year-old man identified with the initials GRPM, possessor of five criminal records for theft.

staff of the Scientific police went to the scene of the events in search of evidence to identify what happened. Later, after surveying the area, the body was transferred to the Forensic Technical Institute, where they will perform the corresponding autopsy.

The investigation of the case is in the orbit of the staff of the Investigations Area of ​​Operational Zone II. Until now, the authorities have not been able to obtain any witnesses to the events, but they have carried out a survey of the security cameras set up in the area.

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