They find the body of a man in the gutter of a vacant lot

This Tuesday the Police moved to an open space located on the border between the Sayado and Belvedere neighborhoods to lift the body of a 33-year-old man who was found dead.

The police action was rooted after the 9-1-1 Emergency service alerted the agents about the events around 9 am. According to the complaint, a security guard was walking through the open space located on Claudio Ptolomeo and María Orticochea streets when he noticed an irregular lump on the side of the path. Upon approaching the foreign body, he realized that it was a corpse.

Upon arrival at the site, the Police confirmed the presence of the body and called the medical personnel, who effectively certified that the person was dead.

The deceased had a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest, near the heart. He was a 33-year-old man and the primary information indicates that he was a homeless person. In his criminal record there were various antecedents, among which theft, robbery and private violence stand out.

Until now, the authorities do not know who or who killed him and what were the circumstances of his death. However, the Police estimate that the subject was murdered elsewhere and then transferred to this site to leave the body.

The Scientific Police were present at the site. Currently, the case falls to the Investigations staff of Operational Zone III of the Montevideo Police Headquarters.

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