They find more than 80 migrants, including Nicaraguans, in a cattle trailer in Mexico

They find more than 80 migrants, including Nicaraguans, in a cattle trailer in Mexico

The National Migration Institute of Mexico (INM) reported this Saturday, April 23, that 82 migrants illegal immigrants, including Nicaraguans, were located inside a cattle trailer in Arteaga, Coahuila, a state in the north of the country that borders Texas.

The migrants are from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Ecuador, the INM indicated, without specifying the number of people from each country.

The people were found during a police inspection at noon. Local media indicate that they were traveling in the trailer stretched by a white Chevrolet truck, model 2013.

Irregular migrants found in a cattle trailer in Mexico, April 23, 2022. Photo: INM.

During the operation, the driver of the truck identified as “Luis Manuel N”, 49, originally from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, was arrested.

The migrants, by not accrediting their legal stay in Mexico, were placed at the disposal of the INM Saltillo delegation. The driver and the vehicle were consigned to the Public Ministry.

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With this operation, there are already more than 50 Nicaraguans intercepted by the Mexican immigration authorities in one day, according to data shared by the institution.

In the last few hours, the INM has reported on three cases of transfer of irregular migrants, including the “historic” discovery of more than 300 people traveling in vans and private cars.

More of 120,000 Nicaraguans left the country in 2021a year marked by increased repression, the stagnation of an economy in crisis and an uncertain future, after the general elections for the reassignment of Daniel Ortega, which were unknown by most countries in the hemisphere.

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