They find lifeless Lázaro Montero, a worker buried by the landslide in Guiteras

Mexico City, Mexico.- Around 8:00 PM this Saturday, the body of Lázaro Frank Montero Pita, 57, was found. Montero was the last to be rescued of the four men who were buried on April 7 as a result of the collapse of a wall inside the chimney of the CTE Antonio Guiteras.

“After an intense search that lasted some 30 hours, the rescue operation that began immediately after the incident came to an end,” confirms the official note published in the weekly Trabajadores.

After a few hours where the search was stopped because the lives of the rescuers were in danger, the rescue operations at the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant were resumed, thanks to the arrival in Matanzas of more advanced machinery. The motorized team arrived at the Antenas de Cuba, coming from Havana and allowed strategic perforations to be made in the chimney. However, it was already too late for Lazarus.

In fact, he also lost his life. Alexis Bernardo Labrada, 47, whose body was found on Friday night. Alexis Bernardo, a native of Manzanillo, in the province of Granma, is survived by three daughters.

“If one day I die, I want them to cremate me and throw my ashes in the Guiteras fireplace,” that was Alexis’ will, his three daughters commented to the aforementioned newspaper.

According to press reports, the workers were in the lower part of the chimney, where they extracted soot and carried out other cleaning tasks when the partition, a wall seven meters high, collapsed.

At the time of the unfortunate event, the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant was stopped for maintenance work.

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