Hombre mujer con disparos hombre

They find a new dismembered body in Río Negro

Uruguay has been shaken by the wave of violence or acts that refer to it in recent days. On this occasion, they found a new dismembered body in Río Negro.

The macabre discovery was announced by the local Fraybentino channel 11. The remains of the body were found on the Young landfill. Through a call to the 911 service, the police were informed that there were human remains in the landfill located at kilometer 23 of route 25. According to the chronicle of the aforementioned medium, a “skull and remains of lower extremities” were found.

An official at the landfill was said to have seen a person “hanging around the place”.

When the policeman, “indeed they found a dismembered body. Prosecutor Guillermina Chouy moved to the scene. Consulted by channel 11, she indicated that she ordered the shipment of the remains to the Forensic Technical Institute to extract DNA samples that allow the person to be identified », maintains the primary information.

From Rio Negro to Montevideo

In the last few hours, in the area of Punta Carretas, a human head appeared, who is presumed to belong to the body that appeared dismembered just a few days ago. Initially a torso was found and as the days went by lower and upper extremities.

In the case of Montevideo, it would be a 44-year-old person. The macabre discovery of the human head was noticed by a fisherman who worked in the place and ran into it.

After making the call to the Prefecture, it arrived at the site and cordoned off the perimeter to work in the area. The worker was on board a boat with another person.

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