They file a bill to increase the pension allowance

They file a bill to increase the pension allowance

The senator of the Republic for the Democratic Pole, Alexander López Maya, announced, through his Twitter account, that he had filed the bill by which The adjustment of pensions that is carried out annually would be modified.

(The pensioners who would pay taxes with the tax reform).

“Pensioners and retirees of Colombia, I have already filed Bill 070 of 2022, which modifies the readjustment of pension allowances with the Minimum Wage and not with the IPC,” the senator wrote on the social network.

(What is the proposal of the tax reform for pensions).

According to the document published by López, the project seeks that the pension allowances be readjusted each year with the same percentage that the minimum wage risesand not with the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), as is currently the case.

(Unemployment, dollar, GDP and more: economy that receives President Petro).

Given that, “a systematic and accumulated loss of the purchasing power of pensioners in Colombia that has worsened by 2021 and that deserves a legislative correction that constitutes a true affirmative action in favor of pensioners and retirees”, cites the text.

And he adds: “More than a million pensioners who are beneficiaries of the current pension system would be assuming regressively and permanently a deterioration, over recent years, of its purchasing power in relation to the increase of the SMMLV with respect to the CPI index, with which a substantial inequity would be generated”.


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