Favorecen a habitantes de Caracas en despliegues del Movimiento Somos Venezuela

They favor the inhabitants of Caracas in deployments of the Somos Venezuela Movement

A total of 6,650 people were served through the deployments developed by the Somos Venezuela Movement in the 22 parishes of Caracas, with the aim of promoting the impulse of the policies emanating from the Executive for the renewal and strengthening of the Bolivarian Revolution. This was announced by the General Secretary of this instance, Vanessa Montero.

He also explained that as part of the work of the We Are Venezuela Movementplans to visit the different territories of the capital city to provide support to young people through the Sports Network which, according to Montero’s statements, has been one of the most demanded by the population living in Caracas.

For her part, the representative of the Regional Council for Political Coordination, Daniela Corroza, pointed out that, “we deployed in the 22 parishes of the capital city where we carried out more than 40 activities with children, with the elderly, in matters of animal protection, in terms of youth, health, culture, and we are very grateful for the receptiveness of the communities”.


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