They enabled access to documentation to those who ignore their biological origin

They enabled access to documentation to those who ignore their biological origin

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The inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires who do not know their biological origin will now be able to access all documentation that allows them to know the history of their origin after the sanction of the Law of Identity of Origin, which was approved by the Buenos Aires Senate.

The approval of the standard was celebrated as “great news” by organizations that group people who have been seeking to find their biological origin for years, legislative sources reported today.

The province of Buenos Aires thus became the seventh jurisdiction to have a law that seeks to guarantee the human right to identity of origin.

The activist for the right to identity and victim of baby trafficking Clara Lis expressed this Friday to Radio Provincia that “now it is very necessary that it be regulated since at the country level only the province of Mendoza regulated it” and He asked that “the State personnel who are going to start receiving the victims be trained.”

“There are many mothers who dare to tell their search only once; a lot of support and accompaniment is necessary. In addition, we make a much-needed call to mothers, we tell them not to be afraid, we are not going to judge them,” he said.

Who can request access to documents

The law considers that all persons who presume that their identity has been suppressed, substituted or altered by concomitant events or subsequent to their birth and anyone who does not know their identity of origin, as well as their ascendants or descendants in a straight line.

These people who search for their origin will be able to access data contained in hospital records, medical histories of parturients, books of deliveries, births, neonatology and deaths of public and private health establishments.

They will also be able to access judicial and sentence files and documentation from religious, educational and childcare institutions.

In the province of Buenos Aires there is an origin search office, for which the people of Buenos Aires can be contacted at 0800-333-5502.

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