They elect new directives in the Legislative Councils of the country

They elect new directives in the Legislative Councils of the country

This Thursday in the Legislative Councils of the Trujillo, Sucre and Lara states, the board of directors for the 2023-2024 period were elected, in some cases they were ratified, while in others changes were made.

In the Legislative Council of the state of Trujillo (Clet), he held, in a special session, the election of the board of directors for the period 2023, with the legislator Carlos Iglesias being ratified as president, Denitza Quevedo as vice president, and Rosalía Barazarte as secretary.

In this sense, Iglesias thanked the legislators of the homeland block for postulating his name and trusting in the management carried out during the 2022 period.

“My commitment, my work and my effort will always be directed by the people and for the people, but from the house where the laws are implemented we will be ready and willing to comply with the action plan that is based on the legislator people and the parliamentarianism of street,” he said.

During the installation of the regular session, the re-elected president added that the 2023 action plan will generate the conditions to continue with parliamentary consultations and considered that the Trujillo parliament is subordinated to the collective interests of the people.

“From the house where the laws are implemented, we will be willing to comply with the action plan, which will be generating all the conditions for the Parliamentary General Staff, for the consultations that are made of the people in direct connection with the great majorities who want a homeland. and that they are also accompanying this Bolivarian process,” he said.

Regarding the regulations pending approval, Iglesias mentioned the Trujillo State Tax Regime Law, the Tax Stamp Law, the Physical Activity and Recreation Law, the Non-Metallic Mining Law and the Agroecological Development Law.

Likewise, he informed that this year the legislative period will have an educational nature with the projection of actions from educational institutions in the 20 municipalities of the entity.

“From the schools we will take the current legal system of the Trujillo state to the children and adolescents so that they know it and thus achieve an impact on families, the rescue of values ​​and above all the formation of citizen awareness”, he pointed out.

  • They elect new directives in the Legislative Councils of the country

Cles’ new board of directors is sworn in in Sucre

In the state of Sucre, the election and swearing-in of the new board of directors of the Legislative Council of the state of Sucre (Cles) for the period 2023 was carried out.

The solemn ceremony was held in the “Alí Primera” chamber of sessions of the Cles headquarters, in Cumaná, and was attended by the governor of the eastern entity, Gilberto Pinto, the military high command and organized popular power.

During the act of election, Jusmary Mendoza was re-elected as president of the Regional Parliament; Vice President Mary Benere, Secretary Jorge Rondón and Undersecretary Henry Rodríguez.

The regional president said that the ceremony was held in accordance with the provisions of article 69 of the Sucre State Constitution, articles 29 and 31 of the internal regulations and debate of the Regional Parliament and articles 70, 71, 73 and 24 of the Venezuelan Constitution.

“We have complied with what is contemplated in the Constitution of our Sucre state, such as the election, swearing in and installation of the legislative body,” he said.

Governor Pinto congratulated the work carried out in the Legislative Palace during the year 2022, where the creation of five legal instruments aimed at the social welfare of the people and the economic growth of the region was achieved.

He described that among the mechanisms created and approved by the Regional Parliament is the Budget Law and the Law for the Institute of Public Charity of the Lottery of the Sea, which are aimed at promoting the economic development of the territory.

«The proposals put forward by the people and the legislators are crystallized in 5 laws for a Legislative Council for one year. This is a task and a task that must be recognized,” said Pinto.

Urges the transformation of the legislative and executive powers

Likewise, the regional president urged to continue consolidating the transformation of the legislative and executive powers into public policies that guarantee the social welfare, protection and security of the Sucre population.

In this sense, he urged the creation and materialization of new laws that favor the economic renewal of the Sucre state and the tranquility of the citizenry.

«Legislators we go in harmony, in integration with all the powers of the state to work for the benefit of the growers, the student, the fisherman, the entrepreneur, the producer. We are going to sustain the peace of this state”, he emphasized.

For her part, the re-elected president of the Regional Parliament, Jusmary Mendoza, ratified the commitment to continue strengthening street parliamentarianism in the 15 municipalities of the Sucre state. She maintained that, during this new 2023 legislative period, she will work for the modernization of the Sucre state anchored to the new times, with the fundamental purpose of achieving economic self-sustainability in the region.

He added that, from the Legislative Parliament, they will promote the creation of new legal projects that strengthen the social, economic and political stability of the people of Sucre.

He stressed that they will continue to build a rule of law from the Legislative Palace. He assured that they will build a legislative agenda where the productive, entrepreneurial, tourism and fishing sectors will be prioritized.

In addition, he affirmed that they will continue the creation of new policies anchored to the government and development plan “Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho”, applied by Governor Gilberto Pinto. He emphasized that, in coordination with the regional government, they will work to provide citizens with the greatest amount of happiness possible.

Re-elected the president of the Legislative Council of Lara

The deputy Elimar López of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) was re-elected as president of the Legislative Council of Lara state (Clel) for the annual period 2023-2024, will accompany her on the Board of Directors in the position of vice president, the deputy (Psuv ) Christopher Contreras.

López obtained thirteen votes in favor and Contreras 10 votes from the 15 deputies present at the installation session, this Thursday, January 5 of the current year.

During the legislative act from Lara, the deputy Francisco Segovia (Patria para Todos-Ppt) proposed López and the legislator María Silva (Tupamaro) to Contreras, thus complying with the provisions of Chapter V, of the Installation Commission of the Annual Period of the Clel’s Internal Regulations and Debates, where Psuv deputy Yelitza Morales acted as accidental secretary to start the debate that led to the choice of the new board of directors.

Legislators Alexis Lamazares (Primero Venezuela) and Jacobo Mármol (Democratic Action) during their right to speak highlighted López’s performance during 2022, for which they supported his re-election.

Management orientation

Larense deputy Elimar López affirmed that her management for this year will be focused on “being on the streets with the people, in the communities and neighborhoods in order to monitor and control the resources approved by the State Executive, through the works requested by citizens.

“We are going to start this year with great force working with a street legislation plan and listening to people in their habitat to find a solution,” he stressed.

In relation to the contribution of legal architecture for the state, Lara assured that his priority is constituted by laws with a social sense, illustrating one of them, the one referring to Community Mental Health, already approved in the first discussion.

López communicated that it is a novel instrument that aims to promote and protect the mental health of the population; promoting self and inter-care, the good living of the population and the full enjoyment of their human, social and civil rights through compliance and the obligation of the State to guarantee the right to health.

The re-elected president of the Legislative branch in Lara, during the aforementioned installation session, expressed her gratitude to the people present, the leaders, the Clel workers and her fellow legislators for their support for her previous management and the trust placed in her for this new year, as highlighted in an institutional note.

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