Dictan formación masiva sobre el Plan Sectorial de Adultos Mayores en Caracas

They dictate massive training on the Sector Plan for Older Adults in Caracas

The Sectoral Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menendezdictated the Massive Training Plan in Popular Planning “Sectoral Plan for Older Adults”with the purpose of socializing the construction, plans and policies, through the Venezuelan School of Planning Foundationwhere 44 thousand people attended.

Likewise, the head of the Planning portfolio, assured that the Sectoral Plans for Indigenous Peoples, Communes and the Elderly“they are not singular plans, but must be transversal to the entire Venezuelan State.”

In turn, he stated that within the Bolivarian Revolution There are a series of public policies for health, housing, and public services related to the elderly that are linked to the conception of the Bolivarian Revolution of the Human Rights (DD. HH.).

In addition, a comparison of global behavior regarding the pandemic of the COVID-19capitalism seeks to eliminate whatever is a burden for society, while socialism raises its voice, its structural flags, construction of a different world and the demographic transition of the Venezuelan population.

For his part, the president of the Venezuelan School of Planning Foundation, deputy Ricardo Molinastated that this Sector Plan it is an integral part of the system of plans based on the Plan of the Fatherland, built on Socialism.

In this same sense, Molina stressed that the topics developed in it allow the Popular power«to develop their Concrete Action Agendas and Solution Mapsas part of the direct planning that can only be developed in Socialism».

Source: MPPP Press


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