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They dictate 20 years in prison against three men who robbed a shopping plaza

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Dictan 20 años de prisión contra tres hombres que asaltaron una plaza comercial

*By Anyary Ventura

Santo Domingo.-The Collegiate Court of Puerto Plata issued 20 years in prison against three men accused of a robbery in El Túnel square, in the Altamira municipality, on July 20, 2019.

Judges Jakayra Veras, Benecia Rojas and José Juan Jiménez handed down the conviction against Hander Luis Familia (el Grande), Sánchez Pascual (Yeison) and Felipe Jáquez (el Flaco).

The accusation presented by the Public Ministry establishes that while the victims José Yvan Colón Ulloa and Meraly del Carmen Cruz Hernández were working in the “El Túnel” plaza, the accused presented themselves pretending to be clients of the place, then they left and returned again stealing more than 200 thousand pesos from the cash registers.

Once the robbery was perpetrated, they shot everyone present at the scene, moments in which the administrator managed to leave the back of the business premises and shoot one of the tires of the vehicle in which Familia, Pascual and Jáquez were traveling.

Then, the accused headed at full speed on the way to Navarrete, where they stopped to change the tire of the vehicle and were able to be identified by a witness.

Prosecutors Karen Santana and Marcos Wilkins Díaz Luna, demonstrated to the court the connection of the accused in the fact and current to the detriment of the victims as established by the investigation.

The imposed sentence must be served in the San Felipe correction and rehabilitation center in Puerto Plata.

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