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They dictate 20 years in prison against a man who participated in a robbery with violence in SDE

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Dictan 20 años de prisión contra hombre que participó en atraco con violencia en SDE

SANTO DOMINGO.- The First Collegiate Court of East and North Santo Domingo obtained 20 years in prison against one of two men who perpetrated a robbery in which one person was injured by a knife and another was stripped of his belongings in a event that occurred in the Candela sector.

The judges issued the sentence against David de la Rosa Martínez (Maflou) and sent him to serve his sentence in the La Victoria detention center.

The man sentenced today committed the act to the detriment of the victims Jorge Antonio de la Cruz Genao and Junior Erminio Cuevas.

During the trial, the trial prosecutor Juan Miguel Vásquez presented sufficient evidence with which he demonstrated the criminal responsibility of De la Rosa Martínez, who was found guilty of violating articles 265, 266, 379, 382 and 383 of the Penal Code, which they penalize the association of malefactors and theft.

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Due to the criminal action, the authorities persecute another man, only identified as “Sopla”, who is a fugitive.

The file instrumented by the investigating prosecutor Paula Margarín establishes that on February 25, 2021, the defendant and the named “Sopla” intercepted Jorge Antonio de la Cruz Genao, who was robbed of his cell phone and the sum of 10 thousand pesos in cash .

In the same circumstances in which David was robbed, Junior Erminio Cuevas was stabbed several times in both buttocks, his right leg, in addition to causing abrasions on his knee, as indicated by the forensic medical certificate that was part of the evidence presented to the court. .

The two men fled the scene and the Public Ministry subsequently arrested De la Rosa Martínez.

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