Dictan 18 meses prisión 11 imputados caso Cattleya

They dictate 18 months in prison for 11 defendants in the Cattleya case

Santo Domingo.- Judge Kenya Romero, of the Permanent Attention Court of the National District, issued 18 months of preventive detention against 11 involved in the “Cattleya Case”.

The magistrate also declared the case complex and set for November 29 the mandatory review of the coercion measure that must be heard by the Fourth Investigating Court.

The judge partially accepted the petition of the prosecutors of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Illicit Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons (Pett).

The prison was issued against Zaffiro Nataly Sánchez, Robert Lee Paniagua Díaz, Angélica Quintero, José Alberto Soriano Rosario, alias “Cirujano”, alleged leaders of this network, as well as José Miguel Michel Guridis, alias “Michel” and Daniel Enrique Inirio Abreu. .

Also, Alejandro Arturo Batista Bustamante, alias “El Gato”, Cristina González Hernández, Oscar Wicene, María Paula, Dionicio Mieses de la Cruz (alias Dionis). All will serve the prison in the prisons of Najayo, La Victoria and Higuey, except Dionicio Mieses, who will do it in Special Operations, in Santo Domingo.

Likewise, the judge ordered periodic presentation, the payment of a guarantee of one million pesos with an insurer and an impediment to leave the country, to the accused Engel Nefthali Vargas and Melvin Valentín Peguero.

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According to investigations, the network sexually exploited women from South America, known as Cattleya, had been operating in the country for about a year.

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