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They detect irregularities in contracting the service of the Peruvian pavilion at the Dubai Expo Fair

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The detected irregular events in the contracting and payment process for the service for the implementation and operation of the Peruvian pavilion that participated in the Expo 2020 Dubai Fair, in the United Arab Emirates, in charge of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (), which caused economic damage to the State of €310,314, that is, approximately S/ 1.4 million.

A control commission showed that in this case 3 officials and 1 Promperú server had a malicious act with the purpose of benefiting the international supplier with which the entity signed a contract for the amount of US$ 1,657,127 in 2021, for the event that took place from October 1 of that year, to March 31, 2022.

According to , the economic damage is due to the fact that Promperú paid for services not provided for in the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Operational Management Service for the aforementioned international fair, such as fees and travel expenses for “additional staff” (4 people) and “complementary staff” (2 additional people to the 7 required). This, without the need for said services having been technically justified.

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Said situation evidenced that the Cost Structure presented by the supplier consortium in the quote differed from the one presented for signing the contract in terms of amounts and additional personnel, despite which, finally, the legal agreement was signed.

Other irregularities

The control commission also verified that the winning consortium did not comply with accrediting its experience in the specialty (substantiate a minimum billed amount of US$ 1,000,000), nor that of the key personnel (10, 5 and 3 years of experience). ) and additional staff (5 and 1 years of experience) that were proposed and required in the TOR.

Likewise, it was verified that the decision to contract the supplier was communicated in advance, without previously counting on the incorporation of this process in the Annual Procurement Plan, the budgetary certification of the expense, the market research report, as well as the technical reports and that would support international contracting.

It has also been verified that the General Management of Promperú ordered that the Logistics Unit issue an invitation to quote to the consortium in question, before the request for goods and services was issued.


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