They desecrate the grave of Gerald Vásquez, a university student murdered in the 2018 protests

The Mothers of April Association (Ama) denounced the desecration of the tomb of Gerald Vasquez, young university student murdered on July 14, 2018, during the attack carried out by paramilitaries and police at the Divina Misericordia church, in Managua.

According to the complaint, published on Ama’s social networks, the event happened on Thursday, May 25, when relatives of Vásquez arrived at the cemetery to fix the grave, “because tomorrow (today) he would be turning 25 years old but they met with this scene”.

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«From AMA we stand in solidarity with Gerald’s family, we demand their right to memory and denounce that the AMA families are victims of constant harassment, siege, exile and multiple violations of our human rights, including the impediment of living our duels» , stressed the organization.

For its part, the Nunca Más Nicaragua Human Rights Collective condemned this action; He also joined the demand for justice that Susana López, mother of the murdered young student, has maintained since 2018.

“We join Mrs. Susana López, Gerald’s mother, in denouncing this act of hate due to her demand for justice five years after the murder of her son, a time in which relatives have had to forcibly leave Nicaragua. “, he pointed.

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At the same time, the agency recalled that, “in the fight against impunity for the murder of Gerald Vásquez,” his family filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) “in search of the truth and to achieve justice, which the The State of Nicaragua has denied.

Demand for justice remains strong

In a recent interview with Susana López, Vásquez’s mother, she told Article 66 that despite being in exile, due to the persecution and siege by the Ortega regime, her demand for justice remains firm.

“I am in exile but that has helped me to continue the demand for justice through international organizations because as a member of Ama I will continue to demand justice, truth and take my son’s case to the Inter-American Court,” said the opponent.

They will present the murder case of student Gerald Vásquez before the IACHR
Gerald Vásquez’s family continues to demand justice

Referring to his son, who was celebrating his 25th birthday today, López expressed that “it is very difficult (…) to overcome this loss, I think we never got over it, we just learn to live with that pain.”

Next July 13 will be the fifth anniversary of the attack carried out by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against the university students who were entrenched in the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-Managua), who had to take refuge in the Divine Mercy Church. trying to escape the bullets.

According to the testimonies of the victims, the operation was carried out by paramilitaries, members of the National Police and the Sandinista Youth (JS), who carried war weapons and their objective was to deploy, at any cost, the people entrenched in higher education center.

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