They denounce the murder of an electoral witness and a military officer on the day

They denounce the murder of an electoral witness and a military officer on the day

In his first report to public opinion on the progress of election day in Colombia, the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) lamented the murder of an electoral witness of the Historical Pactoccurred this morning in the municipality of Guapi (Cauca) and of a soldier near the Campo Hermoso polling station, in San Vicente del Caguán (Caquetá).

Both isolated facts are subject to investigation.

This report collects what was reported by the 2,381 electoral observers deployed in 1 of every 3 municipalities in Colombia, as well as in 39 consulates of 24 countries. The balance collects what was observed from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. This Sunday June 19.

In addition, the MOE launches an alert on the complaint of several citizens who have reported problems with the printing of the ballots, pointing out that they contain marks in the Blank Vote box.

The report adds that as a result of the winter wave due to the La Niña phenomenon, 9 polling stations were moved in 7 departments.

– In the district of Bachira In the municipality of Guicán, Boyacá, the polling station is moved to the municipal seat, due to the rising river that affected the original station.

– In Magangué, Bolívar, the Colegio Comunal Versalles SD Sur polling station was moved to the Buenos Aires school due to environmental pollution problems.

– In the municipality of Caucasus, Antioch, in the post of IE Divino Niño he moved to the San José Headquarters. In the village of Margento he moved to the New Jerusalem Chapel.

– The position of the plain, Municipality of Hispania, Antioquia should be transferred to the IE Aura Maria Valencia Sede Primary.

– The position of Alfonso Lopez in AyapelCórdoba was transferred to the public square of the populated center due to flooding.

– The polling station of IE Policarpa Salavarrieta in Bonaventure, Valle del Cauca was transferred to the IE República de Venezuela due to deterioration of the infrastructure.

– The La Brillantina polling station in Chimichanga, Cesar was transferred to Pueblito.
In San José de Guaviare, Guaviare, the IE El Edén post was transferred to IE Agua Bonita.


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