They denounce that 18 candidates for Comptroller have a criminal record

They denounce that 18 candidates for Comptroller have a criminal record

August 9, 2022, 23:08 PM

August 9, 2022, 23:08 PM

Without mentioning names of the accused, this Tuesday they revealed that at least 18 candidates for Comptroller General of the State have a criminal record. The Public Ministry sent the report on the processes of these people, said the deputy, José Luis Porcel (CC).

“CHow is it not going to call our attention?possibly these accusations are false, everything is possible, but if there is an accusation from the Public Ministry, it is official information, there it says the names of the people who are accused, there must be about 18 candidates”, said the opposition deputy.

On June 22, the Plurinational Assembly approved the call and the regulations, 40 people applied to apply for the position and 10 were disqualified in the first phase; So far there are 30 candidates who are in the race, of that number 70% are public officials, most are employees of the State Comptroller General (CGE) itself according to official data.

The accusations against these 18 candidates are varied and it was learned that there is deprivation of liberty, homicide, usurpation of functions, illicit enrichment, family violence, disclosure of secrets, uneconomic conduct, theft, resolutions contrary to the Constitution, threats, workplace violence and extortion.

The president of the mixed commission for Economic Planning, which is in charge of the pre-selection of candidates, said that This Tuesday expires the period of challenges and that they received reports from State entities, which can be lapidary for some of the applicants.

Deputy Porcel considers that Those people who have a record and know that they have processes should refrain from presenting themselves“for ethics” and said that he does not know how they got to this stage, since they had to have a Rejap certificate, which is delivered by the Judicial Branch and those who have a record should not have that certificate; however, they were presented with a Rejap certificate included.

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