They denounce femicide against a 21-year-old while breastfeeding her baby

They denounce femicide against a 21-year-old while breastfeeding her baby

The body of the young Karen Monserrat Blandon, 21 years old, was found lifeless, on the morning of this Tuesday, July 5, in the house he had rented for a month in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, in Managua.

Witnesses say that the young woman had just returned home and was breastfeeding her six-month-old baby when she was attacked by her partner Caleb Rocha Third, 23 years old.

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“Caleb arrived in his white car, entered the house and without saying a word shot the girl in the neck, while she was carrying her child and breastfeeding her,” neighbors told the media.

A minor —according to a note in the newspaper La Prensa— who was in the young woman’s house witnessed the crime and came out screaming to alert the neighbors about what had happened.

Blandón, who joins the growing list of victims of femicide, was a manicurist who specialized in doing acrylic nail work. Police officers arrived at the scene to collect the evidence and proceed with the investigations.

The body of the young woman was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine. As for the suspect in the murder, it has not been possible to find her whereabouts.

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Until the first quarter of this 2022, 22 femicides had been registered, 20 occurred in Nicaragua and two abroad (one in Panama and one in Costa Rica); according to statistics from the Violence Observatory of the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide (CDD).

According to the recorded data, two women They were killed in January six in February, eight in March and six in April. The victims were girls, adolescents, young and old.

They denounce the murder of a 21-year-old while breastfeeding her baby

With this new crime, the list increases to 23 in this 2022. Catholics for the Right to Decide places the northern and southern Caribbean of Nicaragua as the areas where the highest rates of violence against women are reported.

These femicides have left more than 20 children and adolescents orphaned. According to Martha Flores, CDD coordinator, the main aggressors continue to be ex-partners.

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