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They denounce “coercion and threats” against state workers to attend the July 19 event

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They denounce "coercion and threats" against state workers to attend the July 19 event

71 organizations in exile and within Nicaragua that make up the “Space for Dialogue and Confluence of Nicaraguan Actors” called on the Nicaraguan people to stay home on July 19, in repudiation of the supporter activity of the Daniel Ortega regime for 43 anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.

At a press conference on Tuesday, July 12, the organizations read a statement stating that the Ortega dictatorship “intends to erase from the collective memory of the Nicaraguan people, the hundreds of deaths, the imprisonment, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of political prisoners.

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They also say that with this commemoration, the dictator Ortega wants the citizens to forget the corruption, the siege, the closure of hundreds of social welfare organizations; “as well as the confiscation, the total annulment of all civil liberties, the fragmentation of the Nicaraguan family due to exile, misery and the high cost of living.”

Another of the situations they point out is that the Ortega regime decreed a national holiday and vacation on July 19 and 20, with the sole purpose “that public sector workers under conditions of coercion and threat —under penalty of losing their jobs—, go to the acts of commemoration, prepared by the de facto government of the Ortega Murillo”.

“Forget the dictatorial regime, that the people of Nicaragua, is a people that in April 2018, made the firm, irreversible and determined decision to demand their departure,” they add.

They point out that while the Nicaraguan regime tries “to nurture its rickety militancy” by making it compulsory to attend its political acts, “the collective cry of the Nicaraguan people, for freedom, justice and democracy, maintains the same vigor of April 2018 and we further strengthen our patriotic convictions.”

Repudiation for repressive actions

They also indicate that while the State celebrates its party activity, Nicaraguans will stay at home, “because the fight for freedom
citizen women is an aspiration of all Nicaraguans that we continue to demand until we achieve them.

«We will stay at home on July 19, because we will never accept the existence of political prisoners»; they emphasize. “The more than four hundred murdered by the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship in the last four years commit us to demand justice and fight against impunity,” they add.

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Another argument for calling the Nicaraguan people to close their houses on July 19 is to reject the persecution of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua and the recent expulsion of the Sisters of Charity, from the order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “those who only fulfilled a mandate of love for their neighbor, especially in helping the poorest of the poor.”

“We will stay at home as a sign of rejection of the closure of more than 800 social assistance, health, education, empowerment organizations.
economic and human rights, which provided a solution to the most vulnerable sectors of our country”, they stated.

Protests in exile

As for the activities that the diaspora and exile will carry out on July 19, they reported that there will be sit-ins and protests in front of Nicaraguan embassies around the world.

“This July 19, Nicaraguans in the diaspora and in exile will flood social networks with messages rejecting the dictatorial regime,” the statement stresses.

The couple of dictators together with the sanctioned head of the Nicaraguan Army, General Julio César Avilés

“We reaffirm our commitment to continue working for justice and the democratization of Nicaragua, confronting this dictatorial regime in all international political spaces and demanding greater international pressure to continue undermining the bases that support this dictatorship, until its fall,” they concluded. .

According to the activists present at the conference, this new act of protest against the activity of July 19 is a “grain of sand” in rejection of the Daniel Ortega regime “which has committed crimes against humanity”; They also argue that international pressure is “choking Ortega.”

Ortega has celebrated this new anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution by canceling the legal personality of more than 900 NGOs, carrying out more arbitrary arrests and forcing thousands of opponents, human rights defenders and journalists into exile. The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, in recent weeks has railed against the opposition and has said that they celebrate “the defeat of the coup.”

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