They denounce another case of 'drug flight' and the Executive ratifies the fight against drugs

They denounce another case of ‘drug flight’ and the Executive ratifies the fight against drugs

June 20, 2023, 4:00 AM

June 20, 2023, 4:00 AM

In the midst of the investigations into the BoA service plane that flew from Viru Viru to Spain with half a ton of drugs, three deputies from the Creemos bench They suspect that there is another case of “drug flight” that would have occurred in the month of FebruaryFor this reason, they requested reports from three ministries about the arrival of an aircraft that took a Bolivian woman to Africa. Meanwhile, the Government ratified its fight against drug trafficking.

“We have received the denunciations of an alleged drug flight of February 28, 2023, coming from Guinea. The flight arrived at 1 pm and left on March 1 at 12:00. There were five passengers on board, we have their passports; however, they return six. We have a Bolivian woman who left on March 1,” explained Deputy Laura Rojas, from Creemos.

According to the denunciation of the opposition legislators, On February 28, an aircraft from the company BestflyAircraft Management, which has its headquarters in Luanda (Angola), landed at the Santa Cruz air terminal with five crew members and, the following day (1 March), returned to his country with six crew members and presumably with drugs.

Given the alleged lack of transparency, they requested written reports from the Ministries of Public Works, Édgar Montaño; of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, and of Economy, Marcelo Montenegro. These authorities are responsible for the entities that manage the departure and arrival of flights at airport terminals.

“Let’s not forget that Naabol leaves us with certain doubts regarding the operation of the airport Viru Viru International,” said the legislator from Santa Cruz.

At a press conference, the deputies Henry Gutiérrez, José Carlos Gutiérrez and Laura Rojas asked the executive authorities to Answer what was the purpose of the Bestfly flight BFY525R to Bolivia, who authorized its arrival, what activities were carried out by its crew memberswhich provide surveillance images and other data.

The denunciation occurs when the Government of the President Luis Arce faces a scandal over the departure of almost half a ton of cocaine from the Viru Viru airport to the Barajas airport, in Spain, on February 12 on a flight from the state-owned BoA with a plane rented from Wamos Air.

The Vice Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón, consulted about the alleged new drug plane, said that she is unaware of the complaint, but confirmed that the Government will continue in the fight against drug trafficking.

“I don’t know the information on the subject, we maintain our tireless fight against corruption and drug trafficking. The corresponding instances must be the ones that will have to pronounce themselves,” he said.

drug flight to spain
The legislative commission that carried out an inspection at the Viru Viru airport, within the framework of the investigations of the drug flight to Spain, indicated in a preliminary way that there are a series of controls that would have been violated. They reported that there are 350 surveillance cameras.

Deputy Saúl Lara (CC), a member of the legislative commission that traveled to Santa Cruz, said that So far, the owner or owners of the 478 kg of cocaine have not been identified. which departed from that air terminal in February.

We have exact clarity from where the drug has entered the complex and who has physically embarked. How is it possible that after 90 days the Spanish authorities have recently made it known about a shipment that entered irregularly,” he said.

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