They demand the release of Kevin Castillo, one of the political prisoners whom Ortega did not release

They demand the release of Kevin Castillo, one of the political prisoners whom Ortega did not release

Kevin Emilio Castillo Pradooriginally from the El Calvario de León neighborhood, is one of the 35 political prisoners in Nicaragua whom the dictatorship did not include in the list of opponents that it released and exiled on February 9.

The 29-year-old young man was kidnapped on September 4, 2021. He is currently being held in the León Penitentiary System. The Ortega justice found him guilty for the alleged crime of drug possession.

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The Prosecutor’s Office demanded a sentence of four years in prison, but according to family sources of the political kidnapper, no sentence has yet been handed down, despite the fact that he has been in prison for more than 17 months.

Dams and Political Prisoners Nicaragua He recalled through his Twitter account that it is the second time that Castillo Prado has been kidnapped by the Nicaraguan regime, the first time was in 2019, he was allegedly accused of stealing a bicycle, he left on May 20, 2020, under the controversial Amnesty Law.

“This is the second arrest of Kevin Castillo for political reasons. He was detained at his home by combined forces of the police and there was excessive use of force in his arrest, causing him several injuries, his trial manifested several violations of due process,” the agency remarked.

He added that the man from Leon has several ailments, including high blood pressure, heart problems, inflammation of the feet, and respiratory problems.

“Kevin is very sad and disappointed”

Castillo’s wife – who preferred to omit her name – told Article 66 That at the time of learning the news that 222 political prisoners had been released and that he had been excluded by the Ortega dictatorship “he felt very sad and disappointed.”

“He got depressed because he said that he had been abandoned and that they were going to forget about him and other political prisoners who are still in jail,” said the wife of the political prisoner.

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On the other hand, he denounced that the situations in which Kevin Castillo finds himself are degrading; he affirms that they give him decomposing food and that they do not allow him to receive sun.

“For several days my husband and several prisoners went without drinking water, with a three-liter bottle six people drank, they went without bathing; although they do not hit him, but they do mistreat him by denying him his rights, “he denounced.

Political prisoner Kevin Castillo actively participated in the social protests of 2018. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

A representative of the United Political Kidnappers Group (GSPU) demanded the release of Kevin Castillo and that of the other 34 political prisoners who are still held captive in different jails in Nicaragua.

“We have never agreed that the government of Daniel Ortega release a part and leave a remnant of opponents imprisoned, it is the trick of this dictatorship to always keep a part of the political hostages and this is painful for all the families, because it causes damage. excited,” he said.

He asserted that despite the constant siege and repression by Ortega they will not remain silent and will continue campaigning “until this dictator —Daniel Ortega— understands that the 35 that remained are political prisoners, victims of this dictatorship.”

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