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They demand that the Police clarify whether the bones found in San Juan del Sur belong to an anesthesiologist

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They demand that the Police clarify whether the bones found in San Juan del Sur belong to an anesthesiologist

The National Police continues without confirming whether the remains found in the Sonzapote region of San Juan del Sur would be those of Dr. Aracely Varela Bonilla.

The finding was discovered at the beginning of this week by a woman who daily searches for firewood in the area. Sonzapote is approximately 12 meters from a street that leads to the Las Delicias neighborhood, a place that is usually very busy with foreigners and locals from the municipality of San Juan del Sur.

The remains found were immediately taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) to carry out the proper investigations of the case and confirm or rule out whether the bones, hair and even a garment found in the place belong to the renowned doctor. But until the preparation of this report, the Police remain silent.

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The anesthesiologist disappeared on February 16. The last time the specialist was seen alive, she got on a motorcycle with a man of unknown identity so far. His disappearance has caused a stir at the national level and keeps the municipality of San Juan del Sur in anguish. The woman worked in the Anesthesiology area of ​​the “Gaspar García Laviana” primary hospital in San Juan del Sur, in Rivas.

Locals say that two more bones were found on the Sonzapote property, but that the police do not comment on the finding. Photo: VEL

The remains found

People who live near the place where the remains were found said for this report that they had not noticed anything strange before. They had not seen strange people passing through the area either, at least during the day.

The residents believe that if it turned out to be the remains of some person, who could even be the anesthesiologist herself, they killed him in another place and even threw the body into the mountainous area and that it could have been at night or early morning. taking advantage of the darkness of the area.

In addition, they recalled that although the municipality of San Juan del Sur is a tourist site, it lacks lighting in neighborhoods and communities surrounding the port city.

Meanwhile, acquaintances from the area where Dr. Varela lived, declared themselves baffled about the possibility that the remains belong to the specialist. Above all, due to the time she has been missing and the deterioration of the remains found. «You have to take into account that it is an area with a lot of sun, plus birds of prey. But less than 40 days have passed, it is difficult to know, to be clear, “said a neighbor.

Others fail to assimilate that no one could have been struck by the proliferation of birds of prey that surrounded the place or some fetid stench that the body could have emanated in the area, despite the fact that various media outlets, both local and national , had alerted the case of the disappearance of Dr. Varela.

Other bones and police silence

Residents of San Juan del Sur commented that in the same place where the skeleton was found, two more apparently human bones were found approximately six months ago.

It is believed that criminals take advantage of the mountainous and extensive area to hide their misdeeds. The police authorities continue to keep this case and previous ones hermetically sealed.

The citizens of this town reiterate that certain places in the municipality of San Juan del Sur have become dangerous, since they assure that the street that connects to the Las Delicias neighborhood, neighboring the Sonzapote region, does not have public lighting, which is used by criminals for buying and selling drugs, places of assaults, rapes and maybe even murders.

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