They demand that social and prepaid works comply with the coverage of special milk

They demand that social and prepaid works comply with the coverage of special milk

Special milks are prescribed by pediatricians for the treatment of premature babies, allergies and digestive disorders.

An association made up of fathers and mothers of boys and girls who suffer from some type of food allergy or digestive disorders expressed their concern about the obstacles that many social and prepaid works put in place for the delivery of medicated milk, whose coverage is 100% guaranteed. by a national law of the year 2016.

Under the hashtag #specialmilksya, RedImmune promotes a campaign on social networks through which they seek to make visible the difficulties in accessing medicated milk, prescribed by pediatricians for the treatment of children with medical conditions, such as prematurity, allergies, digestive disorders or metabolic disorders.

The campaign, accompanied by a petition created on the Change platform to collect signatures (, states that access to this type of food is a right guaranteed by law since 2016, and they insist that social and prepaid projects comply with the regulations.

“We are thousands of families who demand that social and prepaid works guarantee access to special milk. Today, the law is not enforced and thousands of people are hindered when it comes to receiving an essential product for their children,” they warn through social networks.

As they indicated, special milks are necessary for about 2% of boys and girls under 3 years of age.

Law 27,305, sanctioned in 2016, requires social and prepaid works and, in the event that the family does not have social security, the State to cover 100% the treatment of said milk.

“Every day in our association we receive complaints from fathers and mothers who find it difficult to access these medicated milks that their boys and girls need, yes or yes, to guarantee adequate nutrition that allows them to achieve healthy growth,” said Verónica Pernas, President of RedImmuno.

In this regard, he added that, apparently, “it is not enough to present the medical prescription even indicating the pediatrician’s diagnosis; likewise, many social works have their own rules or interpretations of the law, which is very clear, and they deny, hold back or put obstacles to delivery of these medicated milks”.

In the text issued by the organization, they indicate that only with regard to food allergies, Allergy to cow’s milk protein, the most common during childhood, occurs in approximately 15,000 newborns each year in our country.

“According to our estimates, in more than 40% of the cases we find that social work or prepaid work limits our access and puts obstacles in our way,” insisted Pernas.

For her part, Sandra Del Hoyo, honorary president and founder of the association, explained to Télam that some provinces that have not adhered to the law, “seize it so as not to cover it since the law is national and invites the provinces to adhere”for which he urged the districts to align themselves with the national regulations.

“We are talking about the nutrition of children at an age that is more than essential, not a luxury,” he said and concluded: “The prepaid are companies and the social works do not merit their name, they have become companies as well.”

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