They demand public policies against unemployment

They demand public policies against unemployment

The Center for Education and Development (Ceduca) demanded public policies for the insertion of young people in the labor market that allow improving the quality of existing ones in terms of conditions and payment.

The entity considers it impossible to achieve the comprehensive development of young people in the country if public policies are not implemented that allow the creation of quality jobs for the youth.

At a press conference, Alicia Medina, spokesperson for unemployed youth, said that data provided by the World Labor Organization shows that there is a high rate of unemployment in young people, standing at 15.5% over all age ranges from 15 to 24 years.

It refers that according to the Inter-American Development Bank the difficulty in the labor insertion of young people is a problem that persists in Latin America and the Caribbean

“The rate of unemployment level is three times that of adults, the informality rate is 1.5% times higher and inactivity is high, 21% of young people neither study nor work”, indicates the document read at a press conference by Alicia Medina .

Recognizes that COVID-19 aggravated the possibility of access to decent jobs for young people and ensures that the unemployment accentuates the health crisis and social inequality.

Ceduca took advantage of the call to the authorities to take into account young people in employment and to start the second stage of the campaign “Youth and Employment in the DR”, which seeks to sensitize the different sectors so that they apply policies in favor of unemployed youth.

The campaign began with the participation of dozens of young people from Santo Domingo Norte, Yamasá, the Municipal District of La Victoria, Peralta, Santo Domingo Este, among other sectors where young people have expressed their difficulties in finding a decent job.

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