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They deliver medical cannabis to patients with epilepsy

A few days ago, representatives of the firm COMFAR SAECA delivered products to PROINCUMEC, dependent on the National Directorate of Sanitary Surveillance (DINAVISA) of the Ministry of Health.

It is a total of 50 bottles of oral solution of 30ml. with dosing syringe, of the PRODOM brand, of cannabis oil.

This cooperation will be destined to 103 patients registered in the National Program for the Study and Medical and Scientific Research of the Medicinal Use of the Cannabis plant and its derivatives, who have regular and free access to medication.

An important detail to highlight is that, of these 103 users, 100 suffer from refractory epilepsy and 3 from multiple sclerosis.

This cooperation between the public and private sectors occurs within the framework of Decree 9303/18, which stipulates the donation of up to 2% of the final product by laboratories that are authorized for the production and industrialization of the products.

The entrance They deliver medical cannabis to patients with epilepsy was first published in diary TODAY.

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