Gobierno nacional entrega autobuses para el beneficio de habitantes de Ciudad Tiuna

They deliver buses to improve transportation service in Ciudad Tiuna

“Through the Mobility and Transportation Tables, 20 buses are being delivered that will serve the 50,000 families that live in Ciudad Tiuna, an important urban development in Caracas,” reported the mayor of the Bolivarian Libertador municipality, A/J Carmen Meléndez, in a new day of delivery of equipment and reopening of works for the service of the people.

In this sense, Meléndez indicated that the transport units have a capacity of 31 positions and that the routes will go from Fuerte Tiuna to the different stops, being “the same community power that will make its routes according to its needs. This urbanism is the dream of our Commander Hugo Chávez”.

For his part, the Minister of the Office of the Presidency, G/B Jorge Elieser Márquez, indicated that the delivery of these transport units are the product of community work and organization. “Words with deeds; 20 transportation units that will serve the community for the well-being of all”, he expressed.

Similarly, the head of Government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernández, explained that the people have been organizing to solve their needs “because only the people solve their needs. Thanks to these mobility tables, we provide solutions to the issue of public transport that is part of the specific action agenda in terms of services instructed by President Nicolás Maduro”.


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