They decree sentence of 96 months in prison for the former director of the PAN Giacomo Tamburelli

The former director of the National Assistance Program (PAN) 2010-2014 Giacomo Tamburelli, was declared criminally responsible for the crime against the Public Administration in the form of embezzlement.

In addition to him, five more people were found responsible for this crime; Heriberto Vega Pérez, Luis Alberto Hernández Valencia, Estilio Díaz Caballero and Luis Alberto Vega Pérez, all of them were sentenced to 96 months in prison.

The Anti-Corruption Discharge Prosecutor’s Office managed to get the First Judge of Criminal Cases of the First Judicial District of Panama to disqualify them from exercising public functions for the same period of the prison sentence imposed.

The foregoing is due to the appeal filed against the final dismissal granted on August 10 by the Fifth Criminal Circuit Court, in charge of Judge Leslie Loaiza, subsequently revoking the dismissal issued in order 19 of August 10, 2018, by the Fifteenth Court that opens a criminal case against those sentenced.

The facts investigated are related to the complaint filed by Erasmo Elías Muñoz Marín, for April 2, 2014, against the director of the National Assistance Program, linked to the crime against the Public Administration, with the use of State assets and resources. , through influence peddling, favoring party candidates through corporations, which were awarded public tenders and direct contracts, as a way to cover up financing for political candidates.

In the ocular inspection proceedings it was possible to verify projects of these tenders without completion, lack of documentation and inspection, projects that were not found at the point that they said the construction was located, and also without being carried out.

The Court determined that those sentenced committed the crime of embezzlement, as they were in charge of administering State money for public works, which, according to the evidence included in the file, established an amount that exceeds B/.100,000.00

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