They cut trees in Ecological avenue

They cut trees in Ecological avenue

The General Directorate for the Beautification of Highways and Ring Roads of the Country (Digecac), a dependency of the Ministry of Public Works, began a project to tree cutting on the cliff of Avenida Ecológica to allegedly eliminate criminal havens, improve visibility and prevent illegal occupation.

The project began near kilometer 0 (Zero) on the San Isidro Highway and has already been “cleaned” more than 300 meters long by about five meters wide. Some municipalities, through social networks and in statements to Free Daily, they reject the job for understanding that it affects the cliff with the indiscriminate cutting of the vegetal layer.

Matías Portoreal described what has been done in the place as an abuse, alleging that those trees were born in the cliffwhich were not planted and therefore those species typical of the place must be respected.

Consuelo de Jesús, a resident of the area, stated that the issue of crime is not an argument to destroy the trees.

“What they have to do is keep watch and not cut down the trees that have grown without anyone planting them,” Held.

According to Ramón Emilio Jiménez, in charge of Communications at Digecac, this is a coordinated effort with EnvironmentPublic Works and the Mayor’s Office whose objective is to beautify that area as is done in other parts of the country.

He stated that it was bushes, not treeswhich prevented the view of the sea and that it is from now on that species such as mahogany and palms will be planted that will not impede visibility to the sea.

“What we had there was a curtain of bushes, not planted that grew for natural reasons that prevented the view of the sea, which enclosed the beauty that everything that is that really has. cliff. Another thing that can be observed is that there are some places that have them planted with bananas, there are other places that are starting to build houses and there are prostitutes who use those bushes to prostitute themselves.”

He also reported that there are criminals who use these spaces to hide and others who want to seize the cliff. He indicated that these works are part of a government strategy that also expands the Ecological Avenue for more than 8 kilometers where palm trees have been planted in the center.

“Those who want to commit crimes and hide behind those bushes, may claim, those who want to take it to build houses, may claim, those who want to maintain prostitution through those bushes, may claim that we are taking away the motel, but we are really beautifying, we are cleaning up,” Jiménez said.

The environmentalist Luis Carvajal was consulted in this regard and said that what is being done is not correct and considered the argument that the trees because criminals hide.

“The argument is ridiculous, you cannot eliminate an issue because criminals are hiding, we found that in Manzanillo, that Tourism had ordered the elimination of a mangrove area and the argument they gave is that criminals were hiding there,” Carvajal said in conversations. with Free Journal.

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