They criticize Duque for his visit to the UN Security Council

They criticize Duque for his visit to the UN Security Council

President Iván Duque has received several criticisms, who will present before the UN Security Council, progress in the implementation of the Peace with Legality policy.

Senator Iván Cepeda pointed out from his Twitter account: “Why is Duque going to the UN Security Council? He says that he is going to promote the “achievements” of “peace with legality.” Will you explain that in the first three months of this year violence increased more than 620%? Will he explain the army massacre in Putumayo as a new ‘false positive’?”, he questioned.

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In addition, the president will talk about the progress his government has made in environmental matters, in that sense, Senator-elect Martha Peralta pointed out that “Iván Duque is in the US today talking about environmental sustainability, while approving fracking and endorsing Cerrejón to continue eliminating water”.

By the way, in dialogue with RCN Worldthe presidential adviser for Stabilization, Emilio Archila, who accompanies President Duque on his tour of the US, highlighted the main achievements of the agreement a few months after the signing of peace between the Government and the ex-FARC.

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“In less than 3 and a half years we have overcome the artificial division between those who and those who do not want peace (…) With the planning we have carried out, we are completely sure that this is already an irreversible process and that the next government has everything it takes to build on what has been built,” said.

And he added: “as Colombians and as a country we have had everything that is needed for this process to continue being an inspiration for the world. Sometimes we are very demanding with ourselves and this process is an inspiration, an example for peace processes in the world, in terms of consolidation”, said.

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