They criminally denounce Francia Márquez for receiving transfers from Solidarity Income

After the controversy unleashed when it was made public that the vice-presidential candidate, France Marquez, had received several transfers from the government subsidy program, called Solidarity Income, was sued before the Prosecutor’s Office.

Márquez has received 25 money orders, which adds up to more than four million pesos. Thus, in the last few hours a lawsuit established in the Attorney General’s Officeagainst the political leader.

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In the legal action, which revealed the weekly magazine, accused of having committed the crime of subsidy fraud, in addition to the fact that it is still attached to the benefit.

The document argues that Márquez has received 25 payments corresponding to Solidarity Income (…) To this is added, that allegedly, through Public Deed 5733 of 2018 granted in the Fourth Notary of Cali, he bought two real estate located in that city.

“Although in Sisbén III the beneficiaries were established predominantly based on the situation of the dwelling with criteria such as its condition, materials and their quality, Francia Márquez did not carry out the search in his home in the city of Cali, but in another region of the country”, indicates the complainant, who corresponds to the citizen Einer Vargas.

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It should be remembered that the Solidarity Income subsidy was created by Decree 518 of 2020, “by which the Solidarity Income program is created to meet the needs of households in situations of poverty and vulnerability throughout the national territory.

However, Márquez would not currently meet the poverty or vulnerability condition, because “Her condition changed over the last few years, she had an obligation to have reported it.”

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