They cremate the remains of a cyclist and a caravan calls for "justice"

They cremate the remains of a cyclist and a caravan calls for “justice”

December 28, 2022, 4:00 AM

December 28, 2022, 4:00 AM

Amid tears and calls for justice, a caravan of cyclists accompanied the journey to the crematorium of the remains of the Spanish Gonzalo Frias Garciawho on Christmas Sunday lost his life in a traffic accident in the Clara Chuchío area, in the municipality of Warnes.

The Spanish cyclist nIt was held in the Las Misiones room, on the second ring and Canal Cotoca. From there his family, friends and cyclists with the coffin left for the Las Misiones cemetery on the highway to the north, where he was cremated.

Gonzalo’s ashes will be taken to Spain by his parents, Teresa García and Pedro Frías, who arrived this Tuesday, from the European country, to say goodbye to their son.

“That is a savage, Anyone can have an accident, the same word says it, but leave him (Gonzalo) lying on the road; that is not humane, so we hope that justice is done,” said Teresa crying. The cyclist’s wife and his daughter (7) arrived this afternoon at the Viru Viru airport to participate in the mass for the body present and in the transfer to the Las Misiones cemetery, where he was cremated.

Now the Police carry out operations in different areas of the city to find the capture of Luis Alfredo YC, who would be the main responsible for this fact of transit.

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